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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the confrontation this the cockpit moments before deadly plane crash. >> kept my firearm trained on him. >> only on wbz a sheriff breaks his silence. >> thieves targeting local hair salons robbing customers right there in their chairs. . this was no accident and tonight the soul seoul survivor giving key information about a tight in the cockpit. >> clearly this was not accidental reporter: a source tells the associated press this was a suicide attempt by a flight student but publicly investigators say they are not
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the crash that took place right in front of defense contractor pratt and whitney. crews worked to remove the charred remains of a twin- engine cessna. one day after it crashed into east hartford's main street and burst into flames with student instructor pilot onboard. the cause source tells the associated press likely suicide not terrorism information indicates this plane crash was intentional. i want to be crystal the circumstances wonder that are still being investigated. reporter: the pilot arian prevalla is currently recovering in a purpose r burn unit. he told investigators that the crash was intentional and that students feras freitekh a jordanian national was disgruntled. they argued in the air instructor unable to gain
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the crash. >> i was really nervous but got-ers it was also a chose call for hernandez who watched the plane careen into the grounds feet from the van where she and her three kids sat. >> sounded like 4th of july deep bang like my whole insides shook. reporter: marcus sherman says he heard the engine running to the point of impact. the president of american eagle credit union says the pilot ran into the lobby burning. >> he obviously he was bloodied his torso there were lot of injuries. reporter: on wednesday investigators including the fbi visited this hartford apartment building it's the home of a group of young flight school students including freitekh. he entered the u.s. in 2012 on a student visa to go to flight school. the wreckage and debris of that plane has since been removed
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analysis by federal investigators. we're live in east hartford connecticut. local deputy hailed a hero for stopping a stabbing rampage. >> kept giving him chances to drop it. >> shares his story for the first time. deputy james creed was having dinner at the silver city galleria when a man walked in and started his stabbing spree. tonight he's speaking out ou with the exclusive interview. reporter: paula, the off duty credited with stopping murderous rampage right here is talking about the experience for the first time. that night what happened in there forged strong friendships between the survivors. >> it's surreal to think about that night. reporter: that night never leaves lieutenant jim creeds
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>> it was ios. absolutely chaos. reporter: arthur darosa was on a killing spree he burst into the restaurant and grabbed a steak knife. off duty plymouth county deputy sheriff reverted to his training. >> i heard him call out his name told him to drop his weapon. i knew i would be safe. >> i kept giving him chances to drop it get on the ground close. reporter: today rosa was shot dead. jim's wife who was a nurse came to help. >> she tried helping with george and sheena and also with jim she was just amazing and the two of them together it's so good. i'm so happy that i know them. reporter: rosemary jill and laura now consider each other family. jim's new k-9 he's training is named heath.
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might no have had time to gather myself get ready to do what i had to do. reporter: all of them forever bonded by that night. >> he saved my life and i'll forever be thankful for that. reporter: i spoke with kathy share. today rosa killed her mother and injured her. she is eternally grateful to lieutenant creed. exclusive sit down interview just go to our web site all new at 11:00. >> they took the clear bag that had the ashes in it. i think that it must have been somebody who thought it was drugs because it's the only thing that they took out of my car. >> in mourning and now in search of a thief a heartbroken
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fears they were mistaken for drugs. julie is live about the story. reporter: those ashes were unmarked they were in a plastic bag inside a plastic box they were the only things taken and now this woman fears the worst. >> i have had this pit in my symptom able. i feel like i'm in a bad dream. reporter: carolyn parker lost her 71-year-old mother to breast cancer in july. she feels as she lost her all over again. >> anything else you could have those were my mother's ashes. reporter: tuesday morning parker went to her car in her brockton driveway. >> everything that was in here was pulled out. reporter: and discovered it had been ransacked. >> i know advertised the white container was on the floor the cover was missing and the contents of it inside of it were the only thing in my car that was missing. reporter: sunglasses were left behind, change even leaving parker to draw only one possible conclusion. >> must have been somebody who thought it was drugs.
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were high on something. reporter: parker admits she made a mistake in leaving had he ever car door unlocked. but the ashes were in her glove box for a reason. >> so when i wanted to go and spread them somewhere i had them in my car and i spent a lot of time in my car so why not have them in my car with me. reporter: before the theft parker was able to spread some of the ashes at a memorial on the vineyard. she lost her son a year .5 ago and had planned av necklace played with the remaining ashes of her mother and her child. >> it hurts. i had plans for those ashes. it's my mother that's all i have left. reporter: parker did contact police. they told her there is really not much they could do. she is hoping and praying someone returns these ashes no questions asked. we live in brockton wbz news. >> hurricane nichol was
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only hours away from hitting bermuda and eric this is the most dangerous storm to threaten that islands in more than a decade. >> this shrub the most destructive one since hurricane fabian in 2003. bermuda is a place that is really well built to withstand hurricanes however a storm this strong is quite rare for the island. take a look at the eye tonight. you see it's very clearly formed. this may go right over bermuda as we head into tomorrow morning. and so that ce to be a very destructive events. storm surge 8 feet. winds well over a hundred miles an hour. sustained at 130. pressure is down to 950 rapidly intensifying. moving to the north northeast at 12 miles per hour. there have only been 7 major hurricanes category 3 or stronger that have passed by bermuda six 1851. a pretty rare event. it's going to be quick and moves its way right across toll it's gone question tomorrow
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it will weaken into the cooler waters of the north atlantic. waivers heights around 30 feet moving across bermuda toll morning and also quickly moving off to the north and east by tomorrow night. so keep an eye on the storm here. for us we're taking a look at some rain showers in the forecast tomorrow. we'll time those out coming newspaper a few minutes. >> eric thanks. to a disturbing case of sexual assault in the south end. police say that the men wanted for attacking two women in their apartment is a sex offender. let's get right to leah martin who's lave in the studio. he left a key piece of evidence behind. reporter: he left a prescription medication bottle with his name on it and police were then able to trace limb to the pine street inn. this is 52-year-old ronald brown. shielding hi face today in court. and police say he broke into an apartment on clarendon street early yesterday morning, tied two will up then blindfolded one gagged her before raping her allegedly yelling i hate
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i'll cell you. authorities say brown is a level three convicted rapist who served two years in prison. if he's convicted in this case he'll likely be going back for good. we spoke with boston police commissioner william evans about this case. >> i felt like going to the tee mail's home at 3:45 in the morning i can't think of a more traumatic event for those poor girls. heart goes out to them, but at least we hope they responsible. >> brown also allegedly stole cell phones and laptops from the two victims and forced the woman he raped to shower before he left. he has been ordered health without bail. thank you liam. tonight we've learned a convicted child rapist has been transferred now out of weymouth to live in suffolk county. richard gardner a level three sex offender who once sentenced to 190 years in prison was released from prison early and was living with his parents in
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that neighborhood. but now we know he will register new address in suffolk county though officials are not saying specifically where. >> the man accused of stealing an ambulance from cambridge hospital faced a judge in court today. 48-year-old everett goes is charged with stealing the victim and then driving without a license. witnesses say his joyride ended when goes cashed into a police cruiser. tonight trump ramping up attacks on clinton calling for meantime donald trump is battling the story of two women who came forward in a new york times article saying that they were inappropriately touched by trump. trump's campaign has just responded this evening saying quote this entire article is fiction and calling it a coordinated character assassination. wixey leaks is now giving trump daily ammunition. it posted another 19 honey
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they reportedly come from the hacked accounts clinton campaign chairman john podesta discussion about many southern conservatives convertsing to catholicism because it's socially acceptable. despite backwards gender relations and systemic thought. the clinton camp that russia has instigated this hack to benefit trump. of course we all know tom brady has called truthful a friend. what happened when brady was asked about trump' so-called locker room talk it lid to a quarterback ea >> how would you respond to your kids heard donald trump's version of locker room talk? >> thank you guys. have a good day. >> that were it. making a beeline for the door abrupt oli ending that a. search for serial salon robber. >> armed thieves robbing customers in their chairs. the new clues police are using to track this duo down. dead birds falling from the sky. the new steps to find out what
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>> tonight a new message from big poppi days after his retirement. a sharp cool down to end out the week the latest on the
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. >> search for two serial salon robbers. the brazen thieves are preying on local hair salons holding up customers in their chairs. >> they have already targeted three salon tonight owners certainly on edge. ken macleod cloud has new clues they are hoping will track this duo down. reporter: this lady is the scout visiting salons in advance to check things outs at new millennium where she sat in the waiting area charging her phone. >> how long did she at this time sith there. >> like 3 3:00 minutes. >> did you find that strange? >> yes. reporter: but on friday owner bonnie beerier assess she got a visit from this guy described
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he put a knife to a worker's throat and robbed the register. yesterday at brianne he's he held a knife to a hairdresser's throat and stole two customers pocketbooks. just today here he held a customer at knifepoint and stole her purse. in each instance say police he has a gun in his waistband but doesn't brandish it. >> put the knife and says it's a robbery and i wanted the money. and put the cleaned client on the floor. reporter: today after tandem hit for the third time in five days lowell mess police went public with surveillance photos hoping they will be caught before someone gets hurt. police tracked down the 1996 honda accord. it's registered to a plea thune woman but they won't say if she is the female half of this duet. a dozen birds falling dead from the sky and the mystery a little closer to becoming solved tonight.
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birds to michigan so toxicologist can test their some agos. 12 were found dead in dorchester. tests for viruses like west nile and bacterial salmonella all came back negative. also new at 11:00 just days after retiring from baseball david ortiz tweeting out a thank you to fans. saying in part well, wasn't the way we planned it but i wouldn't give up this team or this season for the got to say i'm pretty bumped out baseball is over. >> too bad it ended that way for big pappy. >> looks like the foliage season we're almost past peak at this point. >> it was one of the most glorious seasons ever though. >> so far we have cena mazeing pictures. robert lyons in walden vice- president had had drone footage the bond the bright colors northern new england has been
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as long. check out those sights soon we have 3 to 5 days left before we start to see a lot of leaf drop. look at that a carpet of color out there. one more picture this is from the mt. washington auto road and see that perfect reflection stillwaters ryan nap with that picture who's also an observe he at the mt. washington observatory. across northern new err we're at peak conditions 3 to 5 more days. also great color there the berk shirts and northern cold nights. tonight some chill in the air not as bad as the last couple. 53 in boston. 54 lawrence. worcester down to 49 winds out of the southeast we're watching an approaching front. that can bring us cloud cover chance for a couple of showers powerful category 4 hurricane nicole and that will move right across bermuda during the day tomorrow. so destructive storm expected there. overnight lows again falling back mainly into the 40s for us
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mostly cloudy skies. but i think we'll get into breaks of sunshine and that is going to make for a pretty mild afternoon. we're going to jump up above 70 degrees. hour by hour some low cloudiness trying to filter in overnight tonight. still some sunshine in spots tomorrow morning. then i think wheat we out get into clearing skies for a few hours. that's where our temperatures spike into the 700s. then as we get toward the evening a few rain showers. emphasizing a few. best chance for a little rain is north and west of bo that front will quickly move its way offshore tomorrow night usher in gusty winds. high temps low 70s lawrence down through nor woods taunton new bedford at 71. worcester into the mid-60s. plymouth around 69 degrees by pretty mild stuff for this time of the year. behind that a burst of some cooler air returns so on friday we've got sobriety skies the winds out of the northwest temperatures only reach about 60 degrees. so it's going to be rather chilly. good news is as we head to the weekend high pressure sits
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it will be cool and crisp. 55 to 60 is what we're looking at for highs. >> on sunday little bit of increasing clouds cover a little bit milder too. temperatures will be well up through the 60s which should make for a great game and great tailgate out at gillette. cool quiet partly cloudy, 65 degrees for tom brady's return. if you are heading north looks cool but really perfect here for saturday and sunday. with highs in the 50s for both days and no rainfall this weekend. there is a chance of showers that returns by mond week mild start to the week at 73. looks like that mild air will stick around for a couple of days before a cold shot moves in to end next week. that foliage unreal. david and paula. just beautiful this year. >> spectacular. >> great picture. >> thanks so much. tom brady getting a big honor. >> coming up next in sports why brady thinks the bengals could present some problems for
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just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? . q >> last week was a big moment. >> how long do you think the ovation will last at home this
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week. last week on the road i tell you he came back last sunday with a vengeance his numbers were ridiculous. 406 yards passing 3 touchdowns he didn't play the whole game. he was the best player on the field today he was named the afc offensive player are of the week. 26 times tom has been named the player of the team week that's one less than peyton manning for the most in nfl history. brady will tell you the only thing that matters is winning games. that's the goal every week and he says this week against bengals that could be quite a challenge. >> they are a very talented group of players and they got a good scheme. that's proven to win you know over a lot of years they have won their division 2 of the last 3 years which is a tough division to play in. it's a very tough team. they are very talented there's been a lot of guys on that team 2014 still there. coach talk a lot about their continuity their organization and player they have kept and committed to think run a good
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going to give us everything they got irk so we all know number 12 made a triumphant return. so did number 50. rod nick very much is totally fine. when the game is on the line he is usually in the middle. he can't wait to play in front of the home crowd. >> i was very excited to get back with my teammates i feel great. so just looking fo preparation and look forward to plague a good football team here. >> be sure to catchall access friday night at 7:00 we'll have the sounds of the game from the win in cleveland. here's a little tease. >> i want to be like you when i grow up.
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together play tough. >> let's go baby. >> it's about having fun. remember why we started playing this game. we're going to win. . >> owl great is that. westbound has it all on sunday starting with patriots game day at 11:00. all here on wbz. >> bruins open up regular season thursday in columbus already a rob. suffer a lower body injury will police the game. that means other players better step. >> how about this. 19-year-old astin matthews made his nfl debut for toronto and the number one pick in last year's draft had a night he'll
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toronto's goals but they lost. 5-4 in overtime and that's his mom. that's portsmouth for now. >> how could they lose after that. >> his mom looked like she was 30. >> these are kids holy cow. >> together forever to the end. >> the k-9 family almost split up. how their love for each other kept them together. ? keep on smiling with dunkin's delicious reese's peanut butter doughnut square. frosted with chocolate and filled with reese's peanut butter buttercream.
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? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato or drink in the season with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. . >> these pooch pals are odd
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taking social media by storm. see see and chewbacca. the owner developed an allergy to the dogs they never left each others side for a walk or even an afternoon snooze. the shelter put out the alert they had to be adopted together good news tonight is they have a home they have found forever. >> that is great news. one more look at the forecast in one moment.
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troubling brea shot in east boston. police on scene right now. >> we have crews there as well gathering information we'll bring you the very latest this morning starting at 4:30 a.m. and cbs >> obviously wishing for the very best those two officers. quick weather. >> we'll get in the low 70s. late day showers not expecting a lot of rain pretty quiet stretch through the weekend. >> all right. ready for this weekend?
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>> they will be too. >> thanks for watching us tonight we appreciate it. >> have a good night. >> captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey, jessica, thank you so much for being here. >> of course, my pleasure. >> stephen: i want to tell you, i'm a huge fan of your "honest" company. i use your products all the time. >> thank you, that's so great. >> stephen: you know what's so great? your shampoo. i use it every day. >> really? is it working out for you? >> stephen: you bet! >> whoa... ( laughter ) that's amazing. >> stephen: yeah. i also take your prenatal vitamins every day. >> why would you need those? ( laughter ) ah... is it a boy or a girl? >> stephen: it's a burrito. ( laughter ) >> oh! i felt the kick! >> announcer: it's "the late


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